New mama Khloé Kardashian recently asked her Twitter followers, “Is it Gemini Season? Who else thinks Geminis are f*cking crazy?”

It’s a curious question, because Khloé actually has a Gemini Moon, which makes her as much a Gemini as anyone who has a Gemini Sun. Like her brother-in-law, Kanye West (June 8th) and President Donald Trump (June 14th).

Tensions expressed into the outer world tend to reflect tensions going on inside our own minds.

How so, for Khloé? Well, born on June 27th, she has a Cancer Sun. And in her excitable tweet, Khloé is giving voice to the natural tension between Gemini and Cancer.

To simplify things, Gemini represents the mind. Cancer represents the heart. The mind needs the mental stimulation of new experiences. And the heart needs stable connections with loved ones.

For a Cancer, Geminis would seem batsh*t crazy at times! And for a Gemini, Cancers will tend to seem overly concerned with their feelings and family members. Especially a Cancer who has recently given birth and become a mother for the first time.

So back to Khloé’s Moon in Gemini…as someone with a Gemini Sun and a Cancer Moon, I’m curious to know when she’s by herself, how Khloe deals with that crazy Gemini inside of her.

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