Develop Humility.

The first step to finding yourself is admitting that you’re lost. Acknowledging that you feel lost and off track in an area of your life Is the key to a more fulfilling life. If you can generate enough humility to courageously acknowledge where you feel lost, the path to who you are here to be starts to reveal itself.

Cultivate Curiosity.

Once you have acknowledged that you are lost, the next step is cultivating curiosity about your path. The more fully you have acknowledged where you are lost in step one, the more freedom your curiosity has for this step. It’s like the Buddhist adage about emptying one’s cup so that it can be filled. You have to let go of the false ideas of who you are so that you can be open to the experiences that will lead you to the awareness of who you are here to be.

Generate Faith.

Our faith is determined by the soundness of our belief systems. One’s belief systems benefit greatly from experiences that exert pressure on our assumptions about the way the world works. Our belief systems are what we use to create meaning from our experiences. When we feel a sense that our experiences are all somehow connected to what you are becoming, the consideration of whether the experiences are “right” or “wrong” disappears. Instead of having faith in what you were taught to have faith in, you start having faith in yourself, in your choices and in your life — and this kind of faith opens the door to the greatness of You.

Take Responsibility.

Most people think of responsibility as something you are obligated to do. That’s not what it means. Look at the word: response, and ability. It means that you have the ability to respond. It does not mean you have to respond, just that you have the ability to. As you start to become more of who you are, life starts presenting you with opportunities to do what you are here to do. Inherent in the Astro-logic of the universe, if an experience comes your way, you always have the ability to respond. What do you do with that ability? Do you even acknowledge that you have it? If you have done a good job with the previous step, you will recognize that you are ready for what life is presenting to you. Taking responsibility for your life means bringing your resources to bear on what lies in front of you. Showing up.

Choose the Right Partners.

Partners include our spouses and mates, and it also includes every person we allow to touch and influence us. We have an amazing ability to deeply touch one another. Sometimes this touch feels good and brings miraculous healing. Other times the touch is malignant and leaves deep wounds. A partner is one who assists us in our journey — someone without whom we could not do what we’re here to do. The choices that we make about who to spend our time with and who to open our hearts to are pivotal to the quality of our lives. Our astrological charts can provide tremendous insight into our relationship needs and challenges as well as help us see clearly if the people in our lives compliment us well or not.

Befriend Your Shadow.

The shadow is the manifestation in each of us of behavior that we are not proud of. And so we must judge that part of ourselves as the enemy and wage war against it. The problem is that this thing is a part of you, so you are at war with yourself. Even worse, it’s a self-righteous war – a self-righteous civil war. How can you find yourself if you are fighting yourself?

Enjoy The Ride.

Happiness is a choice. It’s not always an easy one, especially when very few people around us choose it consistently. We are taught what to be happy about and what to be upset about. For some reason we never question this. What if you allowed yourself to enjoy the ride wherever it takes you? Just because things don’t go the way you think they should go, it does not mean that you cannot still be happy. The Universe giveth and the Universe taketh away. Can you give yourself the permission to enjoy that ride?

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  1. Thank you for the clarification, acknowledgement bringing our resources and the reminder we are ready for the opportunities represent themselves in front of us!

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