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I don’t really like calling what I do a reading.  I think of it more as a conversation between you and your chart. My role is translator. Whether you know a lot of astrology or none at all, I cherish the opportunity to introduce you to your chart and the wonderful wild world of Evolutionary Astrology.

We can talk over Zoom or if your in the LA area, in person.


Astrological Tutoring 60 minutes $100

Introduction to your chart 90 minutes $275
Follow-up 60 minutes $200

Transit and Progressions 90 minutes $300
Check in 30-50 minutes $150

Once people connect to their charts, they often become fascinated with how the chart manifest in the here and now.  I use “transits and progressions” to understand which themes from the birth chart are currently being triggered into development.  Aside from providing context for the current life issues occupying our minds, transits and progression can shed light on confusing and painful times from our pasts. In addition, quick “check-ins” can be helpful when big decisions opt up.

Synastry 120+ minutes $500

Synastry is the the art and science of astrology applied to relationship. I believe that deep bonded relationships are the “royal road” to spiritual development.  Something about sharing our hearts and bodies with another person tends to bring all our stuff to the surface; the good, the bad and especially the ugly. The stuff that gets in the way of us being our best selves.  A partner who you truly see and who truly sees in return is boon to anyone on the spiritual path. Evolutionary Astrology can help.

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 Astrology has been around for a long time.  One of the reasons it as lasted so long is because it can be used for so many different purposes.  There is business astrology, financial astrology, predictive astrology, relationship astrology.  Evolutionary astrology is astrology for people on the spiritual path, that is too say, people who are actively seeking their full potential. Founded by Jeffrey Wolf Green, and my teacher Steven Forrest, this type of astrology is not just a tool for self-knowledge, it is a spiritual practice. Evolutionary Astrology doesn’t attempt to describe you to you, to do that would disregard the fact that people change.  You have the same birth sign now than you did when you were born. Have you changed since then? What Evolutionary Astrology does best is show you who and what you have the capacity and potential to become.  Whether you become it or not is up to you.

Through this lens, we reconnect with our sense of purpose, actualize our potential for personal, social and spiritual growth.  We come to see and appreciate the uniqueness of everyone’s journey.

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