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In-depth conversation exploring the major themes of your life journey.  I usually end the conversation with a brief chat about which themes are currently “up” for you. Ideal for anyone ready to start living a fuller and more meaningful life.

90 minutes $250
120 minutes $300

In-depth conversation about your core patterns as reflected in your Sun (core identity), Moon (heart), and Ascendant (style).  A great introductory conversation for anyone wanting to understand themselves better.

60 minutes $150
90 minutes $250

Conversations about current events in your life.  Follow up conversations to go deeper into specific themes or periodic “check-ins” with what’s going on right now… or because it’s just good to spend time with people who can actually see you.

30 minutes $100
60 minutes $150

The client has the option to talk to Ricky by phone or by Zoom.


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Founded by Jeffrey Wolf Green, Evolutionary Astrology focuses on the evolutionary journey and progressions of the Soul, or your karmic mission.  It offers profound insights into where the Soul has been and what the Soul is here today to learn for its advancement now and beyond this lifetime.  EA unveils, without judgment, your psychological makeup and the whys of the patterns we fall into in our life that aren’t serving us, to guide us from there to getting it right – and all without changing who we are.  In doing so, we also come to not only accept, but embrace and celebrate the human diversity that exists around us.

Through this lens, we reconnect with our sense of purpose, actualize our potential for spiritual growth, and come to see the motivations driving others with an attitude of support and acceptance, in place of judgment.

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30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes

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